Meet our Superhero Team!
Our Team just decided to Doxx ourselfs,
and reveal our identity.
In the last recent weeks,
too many NFT Project did Rug Pulls, 
and because of that, the NFT Community started to react more heavily to anonym projects.
Let us start with who we are
and how this formation took place.

Me, the original creator of the organisation/project, started working in crypto & nft era 2 years ago.
First I was only a collector and investor, but later I realized that we can actually do something impactful,
if I gather the right persons for the job!
Couple months later here we are, a group of 6 individual, 
(most of us are from Hungary) trying to do someting that has real-life impact not just a JPEG!

Some of our Team Members working on a field where involving themself in crypto related project could 
lose their job, so half of the team will still remain anonymus.
The CEO, the Marketing Manager & the hosting partner for our website can be found on the Team section of our website!