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About Us

The story of the Sloths

We could say that Bored Sloth Billionaires was founded on the principles of unique artistry, 
unparalleled fun design and a strong community. Although that would be a fair thing to say,
we just wanted to make fun art 
that speaks to people and resonates with our community. 
We wanted everyday people to find themselves among our sloths. 
Sloths that resemble the day-to-day struggle of life, and the unique style in which people deal with it.
We wanted to create a wide portfolio of sloths 
that mimic our society
 from fast food workers, artists, pimps, all the way 
to suited businessman. I mean, business-sloths. 

Our goal is to create
the next bluechip NFT collection
on the Kadena Blockchain!
Our vision is to give something valuable
that goes beyond the average NFT experience.
To do so, we decided to launch
Sloth Token on the Kadena Blockchain.
By using a percentage of our minting revenue
to create a pool on any of the existing
Kadena Defi Dex, we will allow our NFT holders
to stake their NFTs in exchange of Sloth Tokens.


The Wild Sloths

Every Sloth is possible

The combination of each layer makes your sloth really special. The more complex layers you get, the more you increase your rarity!

Different Colour Versions

Every clothing element have different colour options, to make each NFT unique. Theres no identical Sloth in our collection!

Hand drawn attributes

Our artist made sure, to include as many different sloths as possible. For that, we have over 200 different attributes