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Bored Sloth Billionaires


The Details Matter!

We started to design our Sloths last year, 
and we did not rush it. 
The goal was to create stunning and unique sloths,
that can represent our project, 
something that our community will love.

Rarity score

Each sloth will have a rarity score,
based on the attributes such as
hats, shirts, shoes or backgrounds.
The less other sloth has your attribute,
the more rare it will be!

Bored Sloth Billionaires

Our Artwork contains over 200 different attribute

Base Character
Unique NFT

Our NFTs are hand drew by a talended young Artist,
whos identity will remain anonymous

Powered by Kadena

We are using the fastest POW
Blockchain in the world.
Your minting process never been easier!

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The Wild Sloths

Every Sloth is possible

The combination of each layer makes your sloth really special. The more complex layers you get, the more you increase your rarity!

Different Colour Versions

Every clothing element have different colour options, to make each NFT unique. Theres no identical Sloth in our collection!

Hand drawn attributes

Our artist made sure, to include as many different sloths as possible. For that, we have over 200 different attributes

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