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We plan to launch our minting through 
a trusted launchpad platform with marketplace
This will ensure our holders will have 
a trustable place to buy and sell our NFTs!

Sloth Token

Our vision is to create the Sloth token
within the first 6 months after launch.
The liquidity pool together with the fast chain,
will ensure that everyone has a chance to trade!

NFT Staking

By securing partnerships with NFT Staking platforms,
our Sloth holders will be able to stake their NFT,
and recieve Sloth Token as reward!

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Minting Day Revenue

Sloth Token Liquidity

Our first allocation will be separated to reserve a healthy amount of liquidity for the upcoming $SLOTH token. This will ensure that everyone will have a chance to buy/sell our token!

Team / Advisory

Our team allocation will be locked for a certain amount of time (between 12-24 months) to ensure security and build trust for the project.


We will allocate 20% of the minting revenue, so we can contribute to saving the planet's slowest mammal in a rapidly changing world! The organization will be chosen by the DAO.

NFT Staking (Diamond Bonus)

10% of minting revenue will be locked for Utility, to ensure that we can give back even more value to our NFT Holders (Diamond Hands Bonus)



Liquidity (30%)

30% of Sloth Tokens will be used for liquidity, 
using NFT Minting day revenue to create KDA-SLOTH pool!

Team/Advisory (10%)

This will be reserved for the team & advisory,
to create partnerships for the company in the future.

Staking (25%)

Holders will recieve $SLOTH rewards upon placing
their NFT into a staking platform!

Treasury / DAO (20%)

This allocation will go to the Treasury,
with it’s future use being decided by the community later.

Read more about the Sloth Team!